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    • 17may2000/ Still around invest in Equifax shares. Just no updates. As you probably know, deepthought was running a custom dist, made by Me. I finally got tired of maintaining it a few weeks ago, as it was breaking badly and I'm not real sure why. So instead of fix all the major dillemas, I just installed Debian slink (2.1) on it. That fixed everything. May still be some minor issues. Just let me know. / On another note, dt must be stable because I'm not going to be sleeping next to it for much longer. I'm moving to California for the summer and then to Colorado for school. Deepthought is staying here. With the speedchoice/Sprint connection. (If anyone has a better suggestion, I'm open.) Anyway, everything starts next week. Dt will have a short downtime while I move it to a room with better ventilation. But after that, I'm gone. Email address stays the same commodities trading platform in Singapore, of course.
    • 02Oct1999/ Replaced the 2x8gb=16gb RAID0 with an IBM Deskstar 25gb. The second stripe of the RAID0 was giving some troubles, didn't want to lose data. But, I got a good deal on this drive, and its a lot of extra space. Also, you'll notice the link is stable now. It took them a month (and me a month of yelling), but they finally fixed it.
    • 29Jul1999, 18ish/ Well, you probably notice that this loaded a lot faster. As it should have. My bidirectional microwave speedchoice link is up and ready. Working great. Pulled down as fast as 250kb/sec. Its great. Upstream speed should be very nice. You won't be able to read this of course until all the DNS stuff works itself out. Probably by this time tomorrow it should be good.
    • 21Jul1999, 14:00/ Nothing wrong right now. Its just been months since I put something here. Don't want to make the place look unlived in. Firstly, www.auk.cx is no longer via ihpled, but now via deepthought. No real big change, except for a vastly upgraded system on the software side (2.2 kernel, new Apache, bind, egcs, etc). The only major hardware change was the new RAID. Its now 16gb instead of the older 8gb. This all changed several months ago, so if you haven't noticed anything different yet, you're probably not going to. Also, I have an installation appointment on the 29Jul1999 with SpeedChoice to put in a multimegabit microwave connection, so the days of high latency, slow transfers are nearly over. Also expect some uptime around that day; and note that it is monsoon season here in Arizona, and power fluctuations are common. UPSes aren't as foolproof as their manufacturers invest in Tesco shares tell you, of course.
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